Essay and your job

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In order for someone to give us the position for which we claim, recognized us as a guru and began to pay for our professional services, it is necessary that others have a high opinion of you. They should know that you are an expert.
And how will they know?
The simplest thing is to tell them about yourself. Yes, this is good. But so everyone says about himself. All praise themselves. Therefore, your words are not immediately perceived. It is necessary that people get some kind of confirmation.
If you think about the career of an expert, then it will be articles, various publications, and other professional materials.
For example, your client or employer needs to solve a specific problem. The person will go to look for information and then he will find what you have written. If from your material he gets the answer he needs, then you will become an expert in his eyes. Consequently, he is more likely to take you to his job or become your regular customer. An essay as a genre consists of the same articles and publications that show your expertise on certain issues.
Essay Registration
For students and some professionals, it is also important to design an essay. Therefore, let’s consider the following rules.
Font use Times New Roman, 14 sizes, 1.5-line spacing. The indent for the first line of a paragraph is 10 mm; the left margin is 30 mm, the right margin is 10 mm, the top and bottom ones are 20 mm.
Please note that the word “ESSAY” is placed in the middle and we write in capital letters.
After the title page is a table of contents. Issued by Appendix B.
An example of a table of contents in the design of an essay
Headings are in capital letters in the middle of the lines. The font is bold and slightly larger than the body text of the material. At the end of the title do not put an end.
The numbering is in Arabic numerals. The first is the title page. However, this page itself should go without a number. And so the numbers are put in the footer.
The list of sources used is made on a separate sheet in Appendix B.
Now you know what an essay is and how to write it correctly. To do this, we reviewed the basic rules and criteria for this genre.