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Another sign is the free use of the lexical composition of the language. These are all the essay phrases that Word emphasizes. What essay phrases can or cannot be used Microsoft Word is an editor for documents.

Therefore, he often emphasizes words with bright expressive coloring. Old Russian and expressive words fall into this (cracked, smashed, and rant).
When writing an essay, this should not worry you! Indeed, in this genre, you can use all the richness of the lexical language.
Essay on the topic of
Many are faced with the problem of how to write an essay on a topic that is right for me. As a rule, there would be no topic, there was only a desire.
How to write an essay on a topic that is close to you?
I will say that an infinite number of topics are in store for each of us. They are all hidden in our own inattention.
Therefore, first of all, you need to learn to notice the amazing in the inconspicuous – this is what you want to write about.
Another important part is to manage to save the found topic. Therefore, it is better to write it down before you try to just remember.
In general, it is very easy to choose a topic.
You can write that now came to mind. Or that you are most interested in life. You can even write about your fear or dream.
The theme can be events. This is what is happening around us. Large, small and even barely noticeable. Each of them has its own theme. And if you yourself participate in this event, you can see it from the inside.
It is very useful to write about the event in hot pursuit.
If something happened recently, we can recall the details, which then begin to be forgotten. And if to the event, add fantasy, then it can be a great theme for a fairy tale.
The theme is in the situation. Every habitual state of affairs gradually ceases to notice. But in any situation, you can peer again if you find a new point of view.
In the literature, such a technique is called “estrangement” from the word “strange”.
Look at the familiar eyes of the Martian, who first flew to Earth. You can still look at the situation through the eyes of a child and even a cat.