How can you get an essay?

Therefore, he often emphasizes words with bright expressive coloring. Old Russian and expressive words fall into this (cracked, smashed, and rant). When writing an essay, this should not worry you! Indeed, in this genre, you can use all the richness of the lexical language. I will say that an infinite number of topics are in store for each of us. They are all hidden in our own inattention.

Therefore, first of all, you need to learn to notice the amazing in the inconspicuous – this is what you want to write about. Another important part is to manage to save the found topic. Therefore, it is better to write it down before you try to just remember. In general, it is very easy to choose a topic. You can write that now came to mind. Or that you are most interested in life. You can even write about your fear or dream.


The theme can be events. This is what is happening around us. Large, small and even barely noticeable. Each of them has its own theme. And if you yourself participate in this event, you can see it from the inside. It is very useful to write about the event in hot pursuit. If something happened recently, we can recall the details, which then begin to be forgotten. And if to the event, add fantasy, then it can be a great theme for a fairy tale.


The theme is in the situation. Every habitual state of affairs gradually ceases to notice. But in any situation, you can peer again if you find a new point of view. In the literature, such a technique is called “estrangement” from the word “strange”. Look at the familiar eyes of the Martian, who first flew to Earth. You can still look at the situation through the eyes of a child and even a cat.

Suppose you should to write an essay on finance, philosophy or psychology that you could to pass urgently to the teacher. You can write it by yourself or buy an essay online via essay writing services. In order to write it by yourself, you have to understand what this type of student writing is. It is an essay written on a given topic. The structure consists of theses and arguments to support them. At the end a common conclusion is formulated, as a response to the hypothesis put forward in the introduction. The author presents his/her thoughts in the form of brief theses, and these theses have to provide the evidence. This evidence may be well-known facts, opinions and experiences of people, scientific evidence, statistics etc. It is recommended to give several arguments for each thesis. By structure, any essay consists of an introduction, where the main problem and hypotheses of the author are described, the main block of theses and evidence, conclusions, where the proof of hypotheses is formulated.

Signs of a good essay are:

However, many students may ask questions like “who can help me to write an essay? I have no time for that!” Therefore, you can buy an essay online by visiting essay writing services. Each project is evaluated individually, which means that the client pays for the complexity and urgency of the work, and not for the number of pages. Therefore, it can be understood that in order to reduce the price, it is first of all necessary not to delay the order. The more time the author has to do, the higher the quality will be and the price will be lower. The same principle applies to ordering all types of student work.

Essay and your job

In order for someone to give us the position for which we claim, recognized us as a guru and began to pay for our professional services, it is necessary that others have a high opinion of you. They should know that you are an expert.

And how will they know?

The simplest thing is to tell them about yourself. Yes, this is good. But so everyone says about himself. All praise themselves. Therefore, your words are not immediately perceived. It is necessary that people get some kind of confirmation. If you think about the career of an expert, then it will be articles, various publications, and other professional materials. For example, your client or employer needs to solve a specific problem. The person will go to look for information and then he will find what you have written. If from your material he gets the answer he needs, then you will become an expert in his eyes. Consequently, he is more likely to take you to his job or become your regular customer. An essay as a genre consists of the same articles and publications that show your expertise on certain issues.

Essay Registration

For students and some professionals, it is also important to design an essay. Therefore, let’s consider the following rules. Font use Times New Roman, 14 sizes, 1.5-line spacing. The indent for the first line of a paragraph is 10 mm; the left margin is 30 mm, the right margin is 10 mm, the top and bottom ones are 20 mm. Please note that the word “ESSAY” is placed in the middle and we write in capital letters. After the title page is a table of contents. Issued by Appendix B. An example of a table of contents in the design of an essay. Headings are in capital letters in the middle of the lines. The font is bold and slightly larger than the body text of the material. At the end of the title do not put an end. The numbering is in Arabic numerals. The first is the title page. However, this page itself should go without a number. And so the numbers are put in the footer. The list of sources used is made on a separate sheet in Appendix B. Now you know what an essay is and how to write it correctly. To do this, we reviewed the basic rules and criteria for this genre.

Essay in a common perception

Essay as a genre of essay actively invades school life. And in many universities, an essay is offered as a final or entrance exam, not only where the subject area is literature and Russian, but also history, foreign languages. For a literate, interesting essay, you must follow some of the rules and recommendations with which this guide will introduce you. Genre essay involves creative freedom. Its whole charm is that it can be written on any topic and in any style, i.e. about anything and anything, because an essay is your thinking about what you heard, read, viewed. In the foreground of the essay – the identity of the author, his thoughts, feelings, attitude to the world. This is the main installation of the essay. However, it must be remembered that, despite the freedom of creativity, writing essays in the genre is not easy at all, since you need to find an original idea (even on traditional material), a non-standard look at any problem.

For the transfer of personal perception, mastering the world the author of the essay:

For the essay is characterized by the use of numerous means of artistic expression:

According to verbal construction, an essay is a dynamic alternation of polemical statements, questions, setting on the spoken intonation and vocabulary. The specifics of the essay genre. The title of the essay is not directly dependent on the topic: in addition to reflecting the content of the work, it may be the starting point in the author’s thoughts, expressing the relationship of part and whole. The free composition of the essay is subject to its own internal logic, and the main idea of ​​the essay should be found in the “colorful lace” of the author’s thoughts. In this case, the affected issue will be considered from different angles. If in a literary essay a rational combination of analysis of a work of art with its own reasoning should prevail, the author’s position is clearly expressed in the essay. If in a traditional composition individual peculiarities of the style and language of the author are welcomed, in the essay the author’s individual style is a genre requirement. If you want to say something new, new, non-standard, then the genre of essay is your genre. Try, create, perhaps, it is in you that the gift of the great publicist is hidden.